Translation does not just entail converting words from one language into another. It must convey the meaning of the original text and evoke the same feelings in its readers. This means that translators must also consider industry standards and cultural contexts.Translation’s technological aspects are also very important and we make full use of the advantages offered by CAT-tools and translation memories, without forgetting that it is professional translators and editors who produce the best results. We utilise CAT-tools when beneficial to our clients, and opt out of them when not. Our priority is to deliver translations that will fulfill our clients’ needs.

Our translators and editors are all qualified professionals with university degrees and extensive experience either as in-house or freelance linguists. We translate only into our native language and every translation is proofread by second linguist.

We specialise in the following fields:

Information Technology

Comprehensive and customised localisation solutions are our answer to the need for accurate and coherent translations of valuable information. With experience working on translation projects for some of the world’s biggest and best-known IT companies, it is our goal to ensure the accuracy and usability of translations spanning a variety of contents, including software documentation and user manuals, user interfaces and operating systems, etc.


Successful legal translation demands more than just excellent language skills from translators. It also requires them to be familiar with legal concepts and terminology, as well as knowledgeable on differences between legal systems and the intricacies of legal writing. GoodWord only works with linguists with the appropriate legal background to translate and edit legal material.


Marketing translations require an in-depth understanding of the local culture, and it is very important that translated material produces the same effect as the original. To achieve this, some elements of the text may have to be adapted according to the local culture and customs. We have the expertise and necessary skills to help you deliver your message to your clients.


Medical translation requires diligent attention to detail. Everything must be checked and double checked, because in this field a mistranslation may be a matter of life and death. Our experienced linguists have worked with many leading companies in the medical sector. We have translated a wide range of documents for medical purposes, such as EMA documentation.

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